Alana Keegan
Local Government Services Director

The Grant Assistance Program provides member governments with holistic assistance to meet their grant goals by:

  • tracking funding programs
  • developing project concepts and proposals
  • writing and/or reviewing applications
  • assisting with reporting and administration of awarded grants
  • engaging funding agency and conducting proactive outreach on programs
  • evaluating application successes and longer-term trends
  • facilitating internal prioritization and coordination of grant processes
  • advocacy support from CPRC's federal consultant Strategics Consulting

Our Approach

Communities works directly with their county’s Community Lead on an initial consultation with key departments and staff to discuss biggest funding gaps, project opportunities, and past experiences with funding agencies, and develops a standing schedule for grant development and planning meetings to discuss potential projects and receive routine updates on new funding opportunities or program changes. 


Highlighted Awards

Program: US Department of Justice COPS Grants
Recipients: Towns of Fuquay-Varina, Morrisville, and Rolesville
Total Amount: $513,477

  • Fuquay-Varina was awarded $138,477 through the Community Policing Development (CPD) Accreditation program funds to work achieving CALEA Accreditation, which is a self-initiated process of adopting and maintaining standardized policies and procedures that align with industry best practices to provide efficient, effective, and fair policing.
  • Morrisville was awarded $125,000 through the COPS Hiring Program to add a dedicated investigator focused on crisis intervention, de-escalation, and mental health assistance. 
  • Rolesville was awarded $250,000 through the COPS Hiring Program to address capacity challenges and enable two existing officers to focus on carrying out a comprehensive community engagement program.  

Central Pines Regional Council assisted with writing and submission of the applications.


Program: Solid Waste Infrastructure for Recycling 
Recipient: Durham County 
Amount: $3,313,200 
Community Impacted: Durham County

Funds will be used by Durham County will renovate and re-design the Redwood Convenience Site in eastern Durham County. The Redwood Convenience Site is a drop-off station serving historically disadvantaged neighborhoods in the eastern portion of the county. The site collects municipal solid waste (trash), yard waste, furniture, white goods, textiles, special wastes, and traditional recyclables such as paper, plastics, metals, and glass. The renovation will address the increase in resident use of the site, improve sustainability measures, and expand the site and its service offerings. Once complete, the project will reduce contamination of recycling streams and increase capacity to manage more materials.   

Central Pines Regional Council assisted with writing and submission of the application.


Program: National Park Service’s Historic Preservation Funding
Recipient: Central Pines Regional Council on behalf of Trinity AME Zion Church 
Amount: $748,303
Community Impacted: Town of Southern Pines

The Trinity AME Zion Church Rehabilitation Project will receive $748,303 to XYZ. The funding is provided by the National Park Service (NPS) Historic Preservation Fund's African American Civil Rights grant program, which funds preservation and efforts of sites tied to the struggle of African Americans to gain equal rights. Since 2016, the African American Civil Rights program has provided over $100 million to document, protect, and celebrate the places, people, and stories of one of the greatest struggles in American history.

Central Pines Regional Council wrote and submitted the application on behalf of the Trinity AME Zion Church and is serving as the fiscal agent. Funding will be utilized to first, register the resource on the National Register of Historic Places, and secondly, to provide substantial rehabilitation to the building while following The Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties.


Program: NC Sheriff’s Offices for Medication-Assisted Treatment in Jails Grant
Recipient: Durham County Sheriff’s Department 
Amount: $458,700
Community Impacted: Durham County

Funding will provide opioid use disorder treatment to correctional populations in Durham County jails during and after incarceration, helping the Sheriff’s Office to expand its current program and support services to link people to treatment after their release. The County launched its Medication-Assisted Treatment program in 2019 and was the first in the state to provide coordinated treatment to detainees suffering from opioid addiction. The program has been shown to significantly reduce recidivism in individuals that have undergone treatment. 

Central Pines Regional Council assisted the Sheriff’s Office with writing and submission of the application.