Is the home you own and live in is in need of serious repairs?

  • Does your plumbing leak?
  • Is your electrical system unsafe?
  • Does your roof need repairs?
  • Does your heating system leave you cold?

Central Pines administers several forgivable loan programs to maintain and repair your home. Follow the three-step process below to determine if you are eligible for the funding program and apply.

Step 1. Meet the general eligibility requirements.

At Least One Member of Your Household Must Be: 
  • 62 years of age and up
  •  A recipient of Social Security or Disability benefits
  • A Veteran
  •  A child under the age of 6 exposed to lead base paint in the home

Step 2. (You have confirmed you meet one of the qualifications above.) Meet the income requirement below:

Gross household income must be at or below 80% of the median county income limits for Essential Single Family Rehabilitation programs, or at or below 50% for Urgent Repair programs. Please click here to verify your county household income limits.

Step 3. Click on your county in the sidebar to apply for one of these programs.