Having Septic System Issues? Do you live in Chatham County?

If you live in Chatham County your home is are more likely to be built on a septic system than most other areas across the state.  Nearly 70% of Chatham residents use septic systems to dispose of wastewater from their home.  When your septic tank is not working properly, sewage may back up into your home, overflow the septic tank, and/or create ponding in your yard. These septic discharges harm the environment, public health, and the quality of our drinking water! If these are happening to you, contact the Chatham County Health Department for a repair permit.

Steps you can take provide long-term protection for your septic system include: 

  • Pumping your tank every three to five years – Pumping the tank is the only way to remove solids and prevent them from clogging the soils that are vital to treating your wastewater.
  • Reduce/Conserve water in your home – Septic systems are designed to treat a limited amount of water; overusing water or allowing leakage can overload the septic system.
  • Know what not to flush or pour down the drain – The septic system only needs what you naturally provide; other products should never be flushed or poured down the drain – this includes food wastes, kitty litter, coffee grounds, feminine products, paint, etc.
  • Keep trees away from your septic system – Tree roots can clog lines and create a backup in the tank, or result in wastewater surface overflow.

If you live in the Rocky River Watershed area and are experiencing septic trouble, you may also have an opportunity to utilize available grant funding to have repairs completed on your system at no cost to you.  The primary qualification for this funding is that your septic system be located in the Rocky River Watershed.