Lindsay Whitson
Community & Economic Development Director

Promoting resilient and equitable development practices that improve people's quality of life.

We take a comprehensive approach to ensure robust and resilient economic growth in our region and incorporate factors that contribute to economic activity and workforce productivity, such as safe and affordable housing, sustainable land use practices, and strategic asset-building.

As the designated Economic Development District for the region, CPRC serves as a direct connection between local funding seekers and the U.S Economic Development Administration and oversees the implementation of the region's Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) to guide and monitor development efforts.

Areas of Focus

We support regional projects and build capacity for local economic development activities in communities of all sizes, from large urban areas to small suburban and rural areas, by focusing on:

  • Business Retention, Expansion & Innovation
  • Robust Infrastructure
  • Workforce Development
  • Connected & Vibrant Places
  • Economic Resiliency 

Our region continues to grapple with fast population growth and strong economic development, but the benefits and challenges of its growth are not felt evenly across the region.

With one of the state’s most populous counties, (Wake, with over a million residents), and almost thirty municipalities with fewer than 10,000 residents, the region has a geographic and demographic diversity, spanning urban, suburban, and rural contexts. This diversity can be challenging and economic data hides many of our region's challenges.

Within the NC Department of Commerce’s County Distress Rankings (Tier System), small low-wealth communities that are located in wealthier counties face barriers to accessing many state funding programs that are tied to the tier system rankings. With the exception of Lee County, which is Tier 2, all of the region's other counties are categorized as Tier 3 (least distressed).

Hidden Distress: A Tier System Analysis