CPRC's Economic Development District is a valuable resource for local governments in the region. Our primary goal is to facilitate coordinated regional projects and build capacity for local economic development activities.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to attract sustained investment to communities in both urban and rural areas. As the designated Economic Development District for the region, we serve as a direct connection between local applicants and the U.S Economic Development Administration.

Through the implementation of our Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) called Strength in Numbers, we develop and monitor a regional vision for development and oversee the plan's implementation efforts to ensure strategic and sustainable economic growth.

How to Leverage Our Economic Development District

  • Access Funding: Local governments can gain access to funding opportunities provided by the U.S Economic Development Administration. Our team helps connect local applicants with these resources and support them throughout the project development and application process.
  • Data and Research: We provide communities with valuable data analysis and research to support evidence-based decision-making. This information equips local governments with the necessary insights to develop effective economic development strategies.
  • Technical Assistance: Our team offers technical assistance and guidance to local governments in various aspects of economic development planning, from downtown planning to workforce development. We are here to provide the necessary expertise and support to help communities thrive.


2021-2025 Strength in Numbers 


Triangle J Council of Government's (TJCOG) 2021-2026 Strength in Numbers: A Regional Plan for Economic Resilience & Prosperity has three main goals: build regional capacity, guide economic prosperity and resiliency, and encourage regional collaboration through partnerships and investments. As a regional blueprint for economic development, the plan is critical to maintain a robust economic ecosystem. Due to rapid growth that spans across the region's different jurisdictions, a coordinated economic strategy is essential to ensure sustainable and equitable economic growth for all communities. Developed through a year-long engagement and review process, the plan builds upon existing economic conditions and regional assets and opportunities, and offers measurable and concrete strategies to guide resource prioritization and implementation and overcome socioeconomic disparities. 

Final Strength in Numbers: A Regional Plan for Economic Resilience & Prosperity

TJCOG 2021-2025 Strength in Numbers - Executive Summary
2023 Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy Interim Report

2021-2022 Priority Areas 

In the coming year, the Community & Economic Development program will continue to progress work and address action plans within the five main goals outlined in TJCOG's regional economic development strategy. In addition to a strategy refinement plan for Strength in Numbers, the Community & Economic Development program area will provide local governments and regional partners with technical assistance, serve as a convener and educator for relevant regional topics, and encourage opportunities for the building and strengthening of public and private collaborative partnerships.

All five goals within Strength in Numbers  are centered around one common them - Foster Economic Inclusion. Within the plan’s five goals, equity-driven strategies and action plans are outlined to ensure that as we plan for the region’s growth, we are doing so with inclusivity at the forefront.

Strength in Numbers five goals:

1. Business Retention, Expansion & Innovation

2. Robust Infrastructure

3. Workforce Development

4. Connected & Vibrant Places

5. Economic Resiliency