This forum will focus on dementia as a global and local issue that requires our support as a community and the need to address stigma against dementia. You will learn about: 

  • The brain and pathology of dementia
  • Diseases encompassed by dementia including their risk factors, diagnosis, stages, and focused support
  • Persons living with dementia on living well, symptoms and management, medical management, non-pharmacological approaches
  • Family caregivers who need support from a dementia inclusive community

This forum is for anyone living with dementia, family caregivers and care partners, arts and cultural organizations, civic and community agencies, businesses, emergency responders, financial services; faith-based communities, legal services, long-term care continuum, medical professionals, neighborhoods, students, and any individual who wants to get involved in fostering inclusivity. 

Registration begins July 11 and you can register here: dementiainclusiveinc.org/rsvp.

    Durham Convention Center